About Us

Welcome to Maple Construction Ltd. We provide a range of building and carpentry services on small and large projects, covering refurbishments, renovations, new builds and building projects from scratch.

We are experts in timber framing and specialise in both garden and housing structures, from cabins to new builds and one-off projects, for which we can provide consultancy and help with your vision.

We pride ourselves on delivering a final product that both matches our clients’ wishes, but that also represents us as a company, showcasing both our skill and passion for what we do. From Maple Construction Ltd, you can expect professionalism, punctuality, reliability and an approach to cost that is completely transparent – we are affordable, we don’t add on hidden extras, and we come in on budget wherever possible.

Throughout our process, you can expect regular communication, a professional approach and, of course, the utmost respect for your property, your space and your time. We are flexible and can arrange our working hours to ensure that there is minimal disruption, and we agree our deadlines up front so that there is no confusion.

For more information on the services we provide, click here. Alternatively, give us a call on 99 9999 9999 to discuss how we can help you with your project.